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5 Best Hurricane-Rated Shingles to Consider in 2024

When you live in an area prone to hurricanes and tropical storms, having a strong and durable roof is crucial to protect your home from the elements. Hurricane-rated shingles are designed to withstand the high winds, heavy rain, and flying debris associated with these powerful storms. 

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the top 5 hurricane-rated shingles to consider in 2024. Whether you’re planning a roof replacement or want to fortify your existing roof, these shingle options are worth exploring. Let’s dive in and fortify your home against Mother Nature’s fury! 

Here’s what we’re sharing in this read:

  • Why having hurricane-rated shingles on your roof are so important to protecting your home
  • The criteria that deems a roofing shingle to a hurricane-rated status
  • 5 top types of hurricane-rated shingles
  • Critical factors every homeowner should consider when making the switch to hurricane-rated shingles

Ready to protect your home by learning all about the best hurricane-related shingles?! Keep reading!

The Importance of Hurricane-Rated Shingles 🌩️


Before we delve into the top shingle options, let’s emphasize the significance of choosing hurricane-rated shingles for your home. When a hurricane strikes, your roof is the first line of defense against wind and water infiltration. Traditional roofing materials may not withstand the extreme forces of a hurricane, leading to costly damage and repairs. Hurricane-rated shingles are specifically engineered and tested to resist hurricane-level conditions, offering you peace of mind and protecting your investment.

What Makes a Shingle Hurricane-Rated? 🤔

Hurricane-rated shingles are not your ordinary roofing materials. They are rigorously tested to ensure they meet specific criteria for withstanding high winds and impact. Here are some key features that make a shingle hurricane-rated:

  • Wind Resistance: Hurricane-rated shingles are designed to resist wind speeds of 110 mph or higher, depending on the rating. They have reinforced nailing zones and enhanced adhesive properties to stay securely attached to your roof deck during a storm.
  • Impact Resistance: These shingles are tested for resistance against impact from flying debris, such as tree branches and hail. They often receive a Class 4 rating, which indicates superior impact resistance.
  • Waterproofing: Hurricane-rated shingles have superior waterproofing features to prevent water infiltration even in heavy rainfall and wind-driven rain.

5 Best Types of Hurricane-Rated Shingles

Now that you understand the importance and characteristics of hurricane-rated shingles, let’s explore the top options for 2024:

1. GAF ArmorShield II 🦾

GAF’s ArmorShield II shingles are engineered to provide maximum protection against both wind and impact. They feature a durable SBS modified asphalt formula and a proprietary Dura Grip adhesive sealant to keep them firmly in place during a hurricane. These shingles also come in a variety of colors and styles to match your home’s aesthetics.

  • Wind Rating: Class 4
  • Impact Rating: Class 4

2. Owens Corning Duration Storm 🌩️

Owens Corning’s Duration Storm shingles are designed to withstand high winds and severe storms. They offer an upgrade option for enhanced wind resistance, suitable for areas with extreme weather conditions. These shingles also come with a limited lifetime wind warranty for added peace of mind.

  • Wind Rating: 130 mph (standard), 150 mph (upgraded)
  • Impact Rating: Class 4

3. CertainTeed Landmark IR 🌧️

CertainTeed’s Landmark IR shingles are built to endure the harshest weather conditions. They feature StreakFighter technology to prevent unsightly algae growth and maintain their appearance. These shingles are available in a wide range of colors and styles to complement your home’s design.

  • Wind Rating: Class 4
  • Impact Rating: Class 4

4. Atlas StormMaster Shake 🌀

Atlas StormMaster Shake shingles combine the traditional look of wood shake with modern durability. They are available in both standard and upgraded versions for increased wind resistance. These shingles feature Scotchgard protection to resist staining and algae growth.

  • Wind Rating: 130 mph (standard), 150 mph (upgraded)
  • Impact Rating: Class 4

5. Tamko Heritage IR 🌬️

Tamko Heritage IR shingles are designed for superior wind and impact resistance. They are available in a range of colors and feature a unique granule mix to enhance curb appeal. These shingles come with a limited lifetime warranty for added confidence in their performance.

  • Wind Rating: 110 mph (standard), 130 mph (upgraded)
  • Impact Rating: Class 4

Factors to Consider When Choosing Hurricane-Rated Shingles 🏠


Selecting the right hurricane-rated shingles for your home involves careful consideration of various factors. We’ll go over the most important ones to think about below.

  • Local Climate: Consider the specific weather patterns and hurricane risks in your area. The wind damage and impact ratings should align with the potential weather challenges your home may face.
  • Budget: Determine your budget for the roofing project, including materials and installation costs. Keep in mind that hurricane-rated shingles may be more expensive than standard options, but the investment is worthwhile for the added protection. 
  • Aesthetic Preferences: Look for shingles that complement your home’s style and architecture. Many manufacturers offer a variety of colors and styles to choose from.
  • Warranty: Review the manufacturer’s warranty to understand the coverage provided for their hurricane-rated shingles. A longer warranty can provide peace of mind regarding the shingles’ longevity.
  • Installation: Ensure that the shingles are installed by experienced professionals who follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and local building codes. Proper installation is essential for the shingles to perform as expected.

Protect Your Home With the Best Hurricane-Rated Shingles 🌪️

Choosing the right hurricane-rated shingles is a crucial decision for homeowners in hurricane-prone areas. Investing in high-quality shingles that meet or exceed industry standards for wind resistance and impact protection can save you from costly repairs and insurance claims in the event of a hurricane. 

Consider factors such as your local climate, budget, aesthetic preferences, warranty, and installation when making your choice. With the right hurricane-rated shingles, you can fortify your home and enjoy greater peace of mind during storm season.

Contact the roofing experts at Distinctive Roofing today. We’ll start you out with a free detailed roofing inspection to figure out the best course of action for your home.

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